1. The “Rencontres Internationales des Jeunes Pianistes” are intended to young pianists of all nationalities. Deadline for applications to the 16th edition: 15 October, 2023.

2. The competition has four categories: 

  • Category 1: born after 1st December, 2012
  • Category 2: born after 1st December, 2008
  • Category 3: born after 1st December, 2004
  • Category 4: born after 1st December, 1998.

3. The program has to be played by memory.

4. For Category 1 the program for the final may eventually contain TWO pieces played for the selection.

4a. For all other categories ONE piece played for the selection can be repeated for the program for the final.

5. No change of listed program is allowed after 15th October, 2023.

6. Each category has maximum three awards.

7. The jury reserves the right to award ex aequo prizes.

8. The jury reserves the right not to award any prizes.

9. Prize winners are obliged to perform at the prize winners concert. This without any fee.

10. Candidates in final will receive a certificate of participation.

11. A First Prize winner is not allowed to compete again in the same category.

12. The decisions of the jury are final

13. Prizewinners are allowed to mention the competition on their CV.

14. EPTA-BELGIUM W-B reserves all the rights of the competition for radio and TV broadcasts, DVD, live-streams, YouTube and any other digital media, without compensation for the participants.

15. Travel expenses, boarding and lodging are to be supported by the candidate.

16. Application fee is not reimbursable.

17. EPTA-BELGIUM W-B reserves the rights to any change of rules for the benefit of the competition.

18. In case of disagreement the French text only is valid.

19. EPTA-BELGIUM W-B is not responsible in case of accidents during the competitions

20. The candidate must have a health insurance valid in Belgium.